For the people who don't want the big wedding, all the prying eyes, or just want to go somewhere EPIC, this is for you! You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want and not worry about anyone else's opinions. Get those creative juices flowing and make this an epic way to say "I do."

Married couple's first kiss under redwood trees in Big Sur california
Wedding under the redwood trees in Big Sur California with couple exchanging vows
Eloping boho couple, with bride wearing a flower crown, walking through stream in Big Sur California
Boho couple, bride with flower crown, holding hands and walking along beach at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur California
Groom picking up bride, her hands up in the air, and swinging her around on the beach at Pfeiffer Beach
Elopement. Groom leading bride over rocks in front of cave at Pfeiffer Beacb
Bride and Groom piggyback at Bixby Bridge in Big Sur California
Bride and Groom standing in a field of wildflowers along the coast in Big Sur California
Bride and groom eloping under willow tree in Big Sur California

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