I love engagements SO much. One, because it gets you comfortable in front of the camera (big plus for your wedding day). Two, it gets you comfortable with me! Three, you get amazing pictures that you can do so much with! We can go wherever you want and aren't tethered to a venue like you might be on your wedding day. Get creative with this! There are SOOO many beautiful places out there. We can go explore the mountains, forest, beach, wherever! Basically think of it as a date, but I'm along for the ride and you have your own personal paparazzi. Have a picnic at the beach, go to the boardwalk and get the whole retro vibe, go on a hike. The options are literally limitless. If you want ideas, just hit me up. But really. I got you.

Couple in love hold hands gazing at each other at sunset on California beach
Couple embracing during engagement session in Henry Cowell Redwoods
Engagement session with man giving fiancé piggyback ride in the waves in Santa Cruz California
Engagement session man holding fiancé from behind and smiling at Point Pinos Lighthouse
Engaged couple kissing while standing on railroad tracks outside Roaring Camp at Henry Cowell Redwoods
Couple embracing on the bluffs near Davenport California
Man leading woman down hill in the Henry Cowell Redwoods with mexican blanket
Engaged couple holding hands and walking in the waves at 4 Mile Beach outside Santa Cruz California