Design -

bringing ideas to life

I'm mainly a photographer but was also trained in the art of graphic design. It can be so stimulating to take an idea from nothing, put pencil to paper and then see it come to life. I have a very analog approach where I love to sketch things out, see what directions they can go, and then take it to the computer to give it more dimension.

personal stationary branding package for children's after school program
Boardwalk themed camp program poster
magazine layout
Graphic design Carousel team logo in bright colors and movement
Graphic design children's book cover with boardwalk theme
Frozen rugged viking graphic
Airplane nose art from WWII of a fiery phoenix
Graphic postcard with aztec, and old aviator theme
T-shirt design within a bike sprocket
banana slug wearing sunglasses that have a reflection of trees in them
Tshirt with back graphic of surfer shaka
Male model wearing hoodie with orange graphic of redwood on a mountain top
Tshirt with graphic of marshmallow burner
Polygon design for camp on baseball tee
Kid's sweatshirt design of an otter swimming in kelp around a logo