Garrett & Kelly

Our friend group all knew this moment was coming. Kelly had given the rule that Garrett had to wait a year before proposing. I believe he waited a year and one day to propose. She also knew it was coming, but Garrett somewhat threw her off the trail by saying the ring wasn't ready for pickup yet. So they grabbed some snacks, the hammock and headed to the beach.

Garrett and I had been talking for a couple weeks about when and where he wanted to propose. After a couple plans fell through, we landed on the beach plan. Fitting since her last name is Beach! I headed to the beach and thought I was late, but actually found the opposite to be true. I was running across the road to get to the beach and noticed Garrett and Kelly walking straight towards me. I dove in some bushes and waited for them to go past. Kelly was thankfully occupied making sure they had all their things from the car.

Garrett had picked a little hill to set their hammock up on that overlooked the beach. Had I been there earlier I could have maybe hid in the bushes closer to where they were at. Having arrived after them I had to find an alternate route since the path to get up there was right in front of them and there was little coverage leading up to their spot. I did some offroading and felt like I was in Assassins Creed (yes I'm a gamer nerd) trying to sneak up on them without Kelly noticing. Every time Kelly turned to set up the hammock I would sneak closer to their spot. She would turn around and I would have to hit the deck, much like a whack-a-mole diving back under cover.

It's always really special to watch someone ask their significant other to spend the rest of their lives together. Everyone reacts so much differently and it's always so much fun to watch the pure joy emanate from their bodies. Once he popped the question I made my way over and we all ran around the hills and beach until the sun went beyond the horizon. Not a bad day if I say so myself.