Beach Engagement

CJ & Hannah were so much fun to hang out with. I met them at a little dirt parking long by the beach just above Santa Cruz, where Hannah is originally from. Together we walked down to the beach and they began telling me their story. CJ being pestered about how she was a young freshman when he first saw her, to how he proposed and trying to keep people away from his surprise that was meant just for her. They even brought the same champagne they had had from when they got engaged.

They walked along the beach, played tag with the ocean, chased some seagulls and the two of them cuddled under the blanket since Hannah was getting cold. CJ, originally being from Miami, had never stuck his finger in an anemone. So, naturally, while exploring the tide pools, he had to try it. It feels like a very strange vacuum on your finger. After running around watching the sun slowly get lower, I left the two of them to finish their date by the ocean and watch the sun finish its descent.