What's my story?

Since I'm asking to tell your story, it would seem only natural that you would want to know mine. I'm an introvert, surfer in training, and love camping. Usually you can find me working on some sort of project, such as keeping my ancient Honda Trail 90 running or baking something in the kitchen (no stereotypes here). I grew up overseas in Bolivia, so I love traveling and experiencing other cultures, and if you want the best steak of your life, you need to go to Bolivia.

My husband and I met while both working on summer staff at a camp, but didn't actually start dating until about 6 years after that! We kind of randomly just started hanging out more, he came on a trip with a bunch of friends to Bolivia (road tested before we knew a relationship was there) and we've loved traveling ever since. He proposed while we were traveling in Cinque Terre, Italy and we got married by the ocean in Big Sur!

My love for photography started from a young age. My dad had a camera and was always taking photos. Growing up I loved opening photo albums, looking at old photographs, and wanting to hear the stories behind them. I also loved seeing his double exposure photos and things just for fun. Picking up a camera just felt natural.

My goal with photography is to create an experience. This isn't something stagnant where you stand in a certain spot and look a certain way, etc. Those can be fun and have their place, but it's not the main goal in my sessions. When you look back at these photos I want you to remember the feelings, laughs, and conversations.

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9/10/19 Best Day Ever. Pic: Misha Velasquez


Lou & Craig

“Ruth did an amazing job capturing our wedding! She not only captured beautiful pictures but her photos reveal raw emotions, moments, and love from the day. Her photos included every detail and event of the evening. Looking at them truly is like stepping back in time to that perfect night.”

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